Efficient Investment Approach

Efficient Investment Approach that Reflects Values, Objectives and Risk Tolerance

We believe that diversification is the essential foundation of any investment program. However, the manner in which clients’ resources are allocated across different asset classes will depend on their unique investment objectives, values and risk tolerance. Cribstone tailors its advisory services to meet the needs of our individual clients in the most transparent and cost-effective way, and in so doing, we primarily allocate client assets among various individual debt and equity securities, exchange-traded funds and, to a lesser extent, mutual funds and outside investment managers.  Cribstone specializes in socially responsible and impact  investments for clients who seek to fully align their investment portfolios with philanthropic and ethical principles.

Our investment team employs a traditional approach to portfolio management called fundamental analysis to develop both long- and short-term views on the economy — here and abroad — industry sectors and individual companies. We aim to invest in industry leaders that have favorable earnings prospects, strong cash flow, solid balance sheets, and most importantly, attractive valuations.

Cribstone’s expertise in income stream duration matching is an important part of the risk mitigation equation. It is ideal for meeting cash flow needs, reducing liquidity risk, and easing psychological concerns about whether or not your resources will prove sufficient for the future.