Client Experience

The Cribstone Commitment: Client-First. Family-Focused.

Our clients demand of us strong ethics that reflect their own and seek an ongoing dialogue with an independent advisor unencumbered by the mandates of large corporations. Not only do we handle investment management on their behalf, we coordinate long-range family camp and estate distributions, as warranted.

We devote considerable time to engaging in ongoing conversations with our clients to ensure that we are continuously up-to-date on their lifestyle needs, values and priorities, concerns, life changes, current and future plans. These face-to-face meetings often include grandparents, parents and children in our family-centric focus to plan wisely for the future. We are gratified that this level of commitment to our clients is a strong springboard for referrals that leads to the organic growth of our business.

In addition to individuals and families, our clients include:

  •  Entrepreneurs: Having followed their passion, worked hard and accumulated money, entrepreneurs often wish to establish a purpose-based investment plan and create a distinctive legacy.
  • Owners of Small Businesses:  Our expertise is essential for those who wish to offer defined contribution, 401(k) and other retirement plans for the benefit of their employees. Our retirement planning advisors often provide educational seminars for participants of employer-sponsored retirement plans.
  • Non-profit Institutions: An important part of our business is partnering with non-profit organizations to provide investment management solutions for endowments, implement and manage retirement plans and consult on Board governance, policies and development. Our clients include foundations, land trusts, conservation and social service organizations, religious and education institutions. What’s more, we — as well as many of our individual clients — are pleased to be significant supporters of non-profit community causes and awareness events.

Our clients can enjoy the success they have achieved with the comfort of knowing that our team of experienced and knowledgeable financial professionals is always striving to help them reach their goals.