The Cribstone Advantage

The Advantages Only Cribstone Delivers

Creative Family Wealth Management

that Spans the Tides

Client-Focused Philosophy

It’s no wonder our clients are successful – they work hard, are fiscally focused, environmentally-conscious, smart, independent thinkers who have philanthropic endeavors and embrace the great outdoors. For them, money isn’t just about account values, but how that value is manifested in living a meaningful and significant life, and the ability to enjoy what is most important for them, their families, responsibilities, and legacies. Our process begins with conversations that help us develop a deep understanding of your core values. Once established, we use those principles to guide us in defining your goals and financial decisions. Securing a comfortable retirement. Supporting charitable organizations. Impact investing.  Leaving a legacy for your heirs. They’re all important, but they can sometimes conflict and require creative thinking. We can help prioritize your goals and understand the tradeoffs between each. Together, we will set principles and goals that clearly define the nature of our relationship. We partner with you every step of the way along this journey to develop and follow a plan and portfolio tailored to your unique situation.

Objective Advice

Our motivation is to empower families to live well and with purpose. As independent advisors, we operate as a fiduciary, not a salesperson, and in that capacity, your best interests are always at the forefront of every decision we make and action we implement.

A Multi-Generational View

Our focus is not only to craft a comprehensive strategic plan for the management of your financial affairs during your lifetime, but also to understand the long-term legacy that you want to have. Here in the Northeast, we frequently engage with families in quite complicated discussions about camps, cottages and special places as well as philanthropy. Our goal is to empower good decisions. Once we have developed a purposeful plan together, we are pleased to facilitate open family meetings to communicate investment objectives, philanthropic priorities, estate distribution and more. This makes us unique, developing creative solutions to complex multi-generational family wealth issues.

Comprehensive Investment Approach

To forge a solid foundation on which to build creative investment solutions, we coordinate each client’s tax, legal, philanthropic, and estate planning priorities. We believe Cribstone is the only independent investment firm in Maine that adheres to this comprehensive, purpose-based approach.

Specialized Expertise in Retirement Planning

When it comes to designing income streams for those in retirement, we think differently than most investment advisors. Our philosophy is more consistent with that used by large pension funds. We aim to minimize the risk that market fluctuations could negatively impact your income or long-term savings goals by investing in bonds with amounts and maturities that correspond with future cash flow needs, a strategy known as income stream duration matching. Cribstone believes that this process will lead to greater stability in the portfolios that we manage, immunizing income needs from market fluctuations.

Small Firm, Global Leading-Edge Resources

Cribstone’s state-of-the art trading platform and access to a wide range of investment research equip us to execute portfolio management decisions that reflect your goals and values in the most efficient, transparent and cost-effective manner. We are free to “go anywhere” for the most attractive investment opportunities that align best with your values and goals.

A Reputation of Success

Our goal is to establish long, enduring, and expanding relationships with our clients, and align our success with theirs. With more than $400M under management/advisement, the majority of Cribstone’s growth in fact displays the impact that we have on families. Most of our new relationships find their way to Cribstone through our existing clients.