Schwab Advisor Services

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Schwab Advisor Services™

We have chosen Schwab Advisor Services, an affiliate of Charles Schwab & Co. Inc., as the custodian for your investment assets and here’s why:

Market Leader – With more than 30 years of experience working with independent investment advisors and more than $4 trillion in client assets, Schwab is the market leader in custodianship for professional wealth management firms like ours.

Strong Financial Structure – Schwab also has exceptionally low debt levels, does no proprietary trading of its own firm capital and does not leverage its own balance sheet. This conservative capital structure makes it one of the strongest financial firms in the custody business, which is why we chose Schwab to safeguard your assets.

Compliance Resources – Schwab has resources, expertise and tools to maintain and stay current with all aspects of recordkeeping and reporting in line with the latest compliance requirements so we can focus on serving you. In short, Schwab has one and only one directive: to serve as a safe custodian for your funds and assets.

Other Schwab Services Available

As our custodial partner, Schwab offers direct deposit, online bill pay, check writing, debit cards, Apple Pay™ link, and more through its subsidiary Charles Schwab Bank, an FDIC-insured institution. You will have full access to all of these services.