Small, independent registered investment advisers find a niche in Maine

November 27, 2017
By Maureen Milliken

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The report didn’t surprise anyone in the industry — the number of registered investment advisers in the U.S. increased again in 2016, and their assets under management increased at an even higher rate.

The news from the “Evolution Revolution” report, published annually by the Washington, D.C.-based Investment Adviser Association, wasn’t news to Maine’s registered investment advisers. The fiduciary-based field is growing in an industry buffeted in the past decade by scandal and a roller-coaster economy. “There is more competition, but we think that’s great,” says Jean Deighan, CEO of Bangor’s…

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Stone from Harpswell bridge becomes bench in Brunswick

Cribstone Connection by Ben Goodridge
Times Record Staff

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A stone taken from the Cribstone Bridge was auctioned off a few weeks ago and placed on the property of Cribstone Capital Management in Brunswick on Thursday for use as a bench.

The bridge, which was built in 1928 and connects Orr’s and Bailey islands, underwent extensive renovations in 2009. Many stones were leftover and bought by Linkel Construction Inc. Owner Lance Linkel donated one of the larger stones to the annual Harpswell Fire Department auction. Richard Nemrow, who owns the Cribstone Capital Management building…

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Voices: What to Say to Clients Who Are Contemplating a Second Home

People need to be clear on whether they are making an investment or a personal purchase, says this adviser

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My firm is based in Maine, one of several hot spots around the country for people seeking second homes. I have come to understand the impact such a large purchase can have on a person’s balance sheet, as well as the importance of advising him or her on its long-term implications.

When you approach this issue with clients, the first and most important thing you should do is define their goals. Are they pursuing an investment return through ownership of real estate or are they after a personal return through use of the property?

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Cribstone Team Retreat

High on the top of Point Lookout, with views of Penobscot Bay in the background, the Cribstone Team spent a recent Friday evening and Saturday at a firm retreat contemplating and discussing many issues on your behalf. It’s been close to one year since we became an independent firm with the goal of fulfilling our …

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Property Management: Advisors Maintaining Family Compounds

Financial Planning – 1-4-16

When ranking the top niches in wealth management, specializing in maintaining family compounds is not likely to break the top five.

But if a financial planner happens to work near the scenic coast of Maine — or, for that matter, in any of the many hamlets nationwide where several generations share a single piece of real estate — it’s a niche well worth mining, says Scott Upham, managing director of Cribstone Capital …

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